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Battery Service with Basil Toyota

Compared to other components of your Toyota, a battery is relatively inexpensive. Yet that battery can keep your entire vehicle on the sidelines when it loses its power or simply passes away. The challenge is, you may not notice your battery is gradually losing power until it's too late and your battery no longer has enough power to start your car. Here are some ways the service experts at Basil Toyota can help make sure that day never comes.

How to Tell if You Battery is Nearing Retirement

One telltale sign of a weak battery is when your headlights appear dim. If you notice your headlights don't seem as bright as they were, have us check your battery's power level. An even clearer warning sign is when your engine just clicks as you press your car's "Start" button. That means your battery is almost dead or, at the very least, needs a recharge - which might be only a temporary fix.

Slow engine cranking when you start your car is another sign the battery is starting to fade. Don't get stranded out on the highways around Buffalo or Grand Island. Have us check your battery right away because it may not have much longer to live. Do you have to keep pumping the gas pedal just to start your car? That's another sign your battery is losing its power and needs a checkup soon from the experts at Basil Toyota.

When's the Best Time to Service Your Battery?

When planning a great adventure or running daily errands, having the battery warning light popup is not a pleasant sight. Before this happens, you may notice a few telltale signs.

  • Engine is slow to turnover
  • Headlights dimming
  • General electrical issues
  • Smelly battery
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Bulging battery case
  • Old age
  • Cold weather

Additional warning signs

If you keep track of your car's maintenance, when did you buy your battery? The average battery lasts three years, so if yours is near that age, have us check it to see how well it's charging. One other trouble sign is corrosion on the cables. Corrosion can drain battery power and shorten battery life. If these signs start appearing, see us before your battery fails when you're out on the road somewhere around Amherst or Williamsville, NY.

How you can help your battery stay healthy

Your battery benefits from being used. Ideally you should take a 30-minute trip at least once a week so the alternator can fully charge your battery. At a time when you might be working remotely and not driving as much, your car might sit for days in the garage without getting used. If so, consider getting a "battery maintainer" that sends small amounts of electricity to your battery, keeping it charged without over-charging it.

Replace or Charge?

When the time comes to request service, you may need to decide between charging or replacing your battery. Regardless of your battery's condition, the experts at Basil Toyota have the tools to keep you on the road. We'll examine your battery and make a recommendation that we feel is best for your automobile. If your old battery has seen its last sunrise, we offer batteries to revitalize your ride. Additionally, you may save with our amazing Parts Specials.

Visit us online or call our dealership to schedule your battery service appointment today. We want to help you enjoy every mile. Let us serve you.

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